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VALO Holdings Group  is a venture capital company that is dedicated to identifying the key resources a business needs to successfully manage and sustain fast-tracked growth which allows them to reach new potentials. Our family of business units are centered around driving revenue for small to large sized businesses experiencing expedited growth.

We are committed to assuring that businesses have proper resources aside from funding, VALO Holdings Group collaborates with their management team providing human capital and mentorship to navigate through complex issues. Outside of investing in a proven leadership team, VALO Holding Group has found that the two key elements to a company’s growth are market need and the velocity in which a company can generate both inbound and outbound leads. 

Our buyer intent database provides real time search data and surge scores, looking at thousands of companies’ internal product and search data to show what products and services are relevant in the market by industry, title, and revenue size. This buyer intent investing model allows us to see what products are currently in market (based on search results) and provide insight into products and services that could potentially be in the market in the future based on real time buyer search data. 



VALO Holdings Group led by founder and CEO Jana Seaman, centers around goals and driving revenue for a variety of business solutions that are experiencing accelerated growth. Aside from capital VALO Holdings offers a vast range of assets to allow businesses to thrive in all aspects.


We invest in long-term growth and success. With a suite of resources such as leadership coaching and development, employee on-boarding, operation management, capital, and more, VALO Holdings is helping businesses generate exponential, sustainable growth.


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Building Community 


VALO Holdings Group continues to show its commitment to the community by working alongside a variety of organizations in the Naples area and beyond. We believe in the power of working together and lifting those around us to lead to a brighter future.  

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